Wistia Embed Larger than Page View

Hi, I tried just pasting the link of a Wistia video into the editor, and it shows up fine. But when displaying in the Lyra Theme - it goes beyond the pages width.

Here’s where you can see what’s happening: https://jpmartin.com/key-investor-metric/

Here’s inside the editor: https://jpm.me/aKSBUW

Is wistia not supported by Ghost? Or is there something I can fix via css?

Add this piece of code into your site header code injection area and it should fit into the space better:

.wistia_embed {
    width: 100%;
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Thanks @DavidDarnes - that worked! But I still see the black envelopes at the top and bottom. Is there a fix similar to youtube videos, where they fit just right?

In that case you’ll need to make some modifications to the theme. If you download your theme and locate the file jquery.fitvids.js (will be in assets/js/ ) and open it in a code editor. Fine the following line of code:

…and update it to this:


Save those changes, zip the theme up and upload it back onto your site. After that you can probably remove the styles I gave you before, as it should now behave exactly like YouTube videos :sparkles:


Brilliant - did the trick! Thank you!

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