Wordpress to Ghost process recommendations

I have a site with about 80 posts currently using Wordpress that i’m going to move to ghost, i’m just looking for some recommendations on the mechanics.

I’m going to host on DigitalOcean. I already have the vps setup and ghost install but part of the installation was adding the domain name. Because I want to do the changeover methodically I used a dummy domain (not my live blog domain) during the setup just so I can get a feel for ghost.

Question is, if I move the content over will I be able the change the url in ghost when I’m ready without breaking everything? Anyone have experience migrating like this?


Nice! I’m trying to achieve the same thing. Did you use the one click install with DO?

You know what… I don’t even know. lol

I built a droplet with Ghost installed then I had to SSH into it to update it and finish the setup (not sure if that’s the 1 click install). That’s where you have to put the domain name in.

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Hi @Webweever,
that’s the normal installation procedure for the 1-Click Install on DigitalOcean.
And yes, you can easily change your ghost url at any time.
Just ssh into your ghost directory with your ghost-mgr user:
$ cd /var/www/ghost/
$ sudo -i -u ghost-mgr

Then type in the following command and change the url accordingly:
$ ghost config url https://my-domain.com

After that just restart ghost:
$ ghost restart

There is also a tutorial on the ghost faq page: