Worker for job mentions-email-report sent a message

I keep geting the message “Worker for job mentions-email-report sent a message” in the content/logs/production.log

Can i know where this is coming from ? How do i get more insight into what this is ?
I’m affraid that someone else might be using an API key, as i’ve let acces to the /ghost url (admin page) and to the urls found in the robots.txt files when launching the website to the public. I saw in the nginx logs that someone was accessing /ghost/api url in my site

After that incident I deleted the database and reinstalled it with a backup i’ve made before launching the site, i’ve reset the access token from the profile i have (in the admin page) but still the message persists i i dont understand why

I’m using Ubuntu 22 server, nodejs 18

Workers are Ghost’s internal background processes that run periodically, they are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about unless you see error logs for them. In this case it’s related to Ghost’s recommendations feature.

I saw in the nginx logs that someone was accessing /ghost/api url in my site

That’s normal, Ghost has a number of public APIs that live on /ghost/api/ that are used for various functions like comments, search, content API, etc. There’s the Admin API at /ghost/api/admin/ but other than a couple of public endpoints (e.g. /ghost/api/admin/site/) the endpoints are authenticated so no-one can get a valid response from them unless they are an authenticated staff user or you’ve given them an API key (you may still see requests to them but unless they have a 2xx response they are nothing to be concerned about)

thank you for your input. i appreciate it.
yep /ghost/api/admin/site/ was accessed which got me worried … happy to hear everything’s cool though. thanks again …