Wrong Schema JSON generated for the Article

“publisher”: {
@type”: “Organization”,
“name”: “Time to Hack”,
“logo”: “https://res.cloudinary.com/time2hack/image/upload/q_auto:good/t2h-text-banner-animated.svg

URL: 5 Best JavaScript Editors: As Developers Rank Best Tool-Time to Hack
Ghost: 2.23.1
Config: Ubuntu

Few questions

  • How do I fix this error in JSON+LD
  • Does it need to be reported as bug?
  • If yes, which repo?

Hey there. Annoyingly, as @Aileen pointed out to me, JSON+LD does not accept SVGs :slightly_frowning_face:. I stumbled upon this issue when I was constructing rich metadata before. You’ll have to replace it with a raster format of some kind. There’s more info on the official Google Developers site: