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Hi Ghost community,

We would like to know where to edit/add JSON_LD snippets in Casper?

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Hey Jean,

I’m not quite understanding your questions, could you try to explain what you want to achieve, rather than how you want to achieve it? Hopefully that way we can help you solve any issues you have!


Hi @fabien, sorry for our confusing question. As you know, Ghost generates structured data like Article https://jsonld.com/article/

We were wondering where to find the code that generates the structured data. Specifically, we’d like to overwrite the current

“publisher”: {
@type”: “Organization”,
“name”: “foo”,
“logo”: “https://foo.jpg
generated by Ghost by default.

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Hey no problem :relaxed:

The code that generates the structured data is located within Ghost core, https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/blob/master/core/server/data/meta/schema.js

If you want to change the values without modifying the Ghost core, you should update the name and logo of your publication on the “General” settings screen in your Ghost Admin


Thank you @fabien, we will look into it!
Much appreciate it!

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