X Twitter logo in Liebling Theme

Does anyone have the code to update the Twitter logo to the new “X” logo in the Liebling theme? I somehow added Instagram last year, but can’t figure out what I did in order to replicate for X.

Liebling uses Icomoon for glyphs - I checked the “Twitter” icon, and it’s still a bird.

Possibly you can hack it using the Unicode character…

In reality, this is the "Mathematical Double-Struck Capital X" 
character in Unicode, and its codepoint is U+1D54F. It was 
added in Unicode 3.1 in 2001. It can be pasted into HTML 
using its HTML entity, 𝕏.

Or… try to replace the glyph … export the Unicode character above as SVG from Photoshop/Affinity, open the SVG as a text file and replace the Twitter Glyph in icomoon.svg file in assets/fonts/icomoon. Not sure if the theme uses the ttf/woff or the SVG.