Hello, the Twitter sharing option is not working. Please, could you fix it?

Hello everyone, Twitter has been updated, and unfortunately, we can no longer make our Twitter posts through the website. It would be great if Twitter could be updated.

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An update to support the x.com domain for embeds went out in v5.69.0. If you’re on that version or later could you explain more about what’s not working for you?

If it’s the x.com problem and you’re still on an older version of Ghost a workaround in the meantime is to visit the copied tweet address because that will redirect to twitter.com and you can then copy the URL directly from the browser.

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Hello, in the past, when you pasted a Twitter link into the text editor, it used to automatically detect and embed it. I think it didn’t work because I directly pasted the link. I have now edited it, and it’s working perfectly. Thank you.

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