Zapier/MailChimp Integration

Hey Gang!
I’m having issues integrating MailChimp and my Ghost CMS Members.

Ideally, I would like the user to hit subscribe as a member on my Ghost website and the email adds to my existing MailChimp audience.

On the Zapier integration, I cannot seem to select the new member’s email. The only option that’s available is my own account email.

Please see reference img below:

Based on the image, it looks like all the variables are subscriber data - fields like comped and geolocation are limited to members, not staff. Can you try using the email field and test what happens with an alias (e.g. subscribe with

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We do have Mailchimp Zapier integrations over here @Saysay_Dalisay:

Might save you the work, or a good reference point.

Thanks for the reply David!
Hope you had a great Easter

The Zap integrations seem to be using subscriber which is deprecated. Is this correct?

You’re 100% right! The “” email is greyed out which probably means that’s how it looks as an example.

Everything working great!