Zeit Deployment of Ghost does not exit build script

Any idea how to tell Zeit from within the Ghost sources (e.g. package.json) to mark the build as finished and deploy?

17:33.140Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:33] INFO Relation: Role to Permission
2019-09-17T23:17:33.398Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:33] INFO Relation: Post to Tag
2019-09-17T23:17:33.427Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:33] INFO Relation: User to Role
2019-09-17T23:17:35.519Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:35] INFO Ghost is running in development...
2019-09-17T23:17:35.520Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:35] INFO Listening on:
2019-09-17T23:17:35.521Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:35] INFO Url configured as: http://localhost:2368/
2019-09-17T23:17:35.522Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:35] INFO Ctrl+C to shut down
2019-09-17T23:17:35.523Z  [2019-09-17 23:17:35] INFO Ghost boot 4.935s

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