4 AM Thoughts - Ghost Theme

I was a bit fed up with the flashiness and bleeding-edge theme, so I designed a more calm and classy premium theme. It’s not as “in-your-face” as most themes, but elegantly exquisite instead. Use it to put your content front and center, delicately.

This theme supports:

  • Responsive Design (looks good on any device)
  • Paid Post Call-To-Action
  • Primary Navigation via Navigation Bar
  • Secondary Navigation via Footer Menu
  • Images, Galleries, Bookmark Cards, YouTube Embeds
  • Hidden Banner for Members

Purchase 4 AM Thoughts here

First 4 buyers will be able to use “first-four” coupon for a quarter (25%) off :raised_hands:


@Bengin_Cetindere This looks fantastic! Great work. The thing I probably want most for Ghost is to see greater diversity in the range of themes available, and this is certainly an excellent contribution to that. Well done and thank you.

Is there a less expensive option to buy just the theme without 6/12 months support or customization, for those of us who already know what we’re doing :smiley:

I am really flattered, thank you! There is no option to do that, currently the cheapest option is 6 months with the 25% off code :slight_smile: this is to ensure that no one has a bad experience with the theme (especially if it’s my fault because I missed a design edge case) :smiley:

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That’s completely understandable! I don’t have a need for this particular theme at the moment but I do think it’s one of the best and most unique themes I’ve seen (and I’ve looked at pretty much all of them, because I’m working on a website that showcases all the available Ghost themes, with various filters to help people find the best theme for their purpose). I hope you’ll find many customers and be rewarded for your great work :slight_smile:

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Very warm and motivating words Donald, thanks! Can you share this site with us :)?

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Thanks Bengin :slightly_smiling_face: I will share it when it’s completed (hopefully in a week or two).

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P.S. If you are interested in having your theme featured in the “Reviewed” section of my new website, which is right at the top and features several themes that I have personally used (because I can’t possibly afford to buy all of them :joy:) please let me know if I might be able to have a review copy to be used only for this purpose. If I end up deciding to use your theme on a production website at some point, I will of course buy a licence from you.

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Just shoot a direct message when you are ready and we will surely be able to work out a review license :slight_smile:

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Will do! And thanks again for contributing to the Ghost ecosystem! :handshake:

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Wow! Great work. :+1:t3:

Thanks James, I appreciate it!

On Reddit and here, people gave almost only positive feedback but no one actually purchased the theme, so I reduced the price almost by 50%, it’s $37 now. Coupons still work for an additional 25% off if you want.

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Hello again! Do you have any other Ghost themes I could take a look at, or just this one at the moment?

Just this one :slight_smile:

No problem. I sent you a direct message as well. I’m not sure if you saw it or not. :slight_smile:

Impressive work :open_mouth:

Nice work :slight_smile:
Might just be my browser, but it cuts off the navigation. Image attached.

I have updated the theme majorly. I posted a detailed thread on what exactly has been updated and why here. For the majority of you, though, here’s a preview of how it looks now:

I have fixed the menu issue (it’s a default hamburger menu now) and I think it looks way cleaner now, still maintaining the creamy coffee vibe.

If anyone buys the theme within the next 7 days (until including 23rd july), I currently offer customization for the Call-To-Action section (“Appetite for More?” and “This Post is for Paid Subscribers only”).

I feel like converting readers into subscribers is critical, and that’s what ghost is strong in: built-in-email list. That’s why I’ll handcraft the texts in the buttons, email field, title for this area together with you!

If anyone that already bought this theme reads this: You can simply contact me via DM or email, so you can take advantage of that too :slight_smile:

Thanks, I fixed it, decided to go with a normal hamburger menu instead :slight_smile: