404 error on tag and author page after removing default user

Hello, I’m new to ghost. I have it installed and working. The problem I am having exists when using the default theme as well as the free “Massively” theme. I log into the ghost admin page, create an account(owner), and create a dummy post/tag, then when I delete the default ghost user, the tags and author page give me a 404 error, I tried researching this issue and found mention of the routes.yaml file, which as far as I can tell is configured correctly.

permalink: /{slug}/
template: index

tag: /tag/{slug}/
author: /author/{slug}/

Ghost-CLI version: 1.13.1
Ghost version: 3.13.3

Tried the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers

I’m not sure where to check the logs for this issue.

Steps to Reproduce(I have reproduces it several times):
I have installed ghost in production(Ubuntu 18.04), and locally(MacOS) and experienced the same issue.
Install ghost
Login to url:2368/ghost
create new user(owner)
go to site everything looks good.
create 2 dummy posts, and dummy tags
delete default ghost user.
navigate page to tags pag or authors page
error 404 on both

Have a look in the Admin Console under Settings. In Design, you have navigation to the author … you still have the deleted default user.