503 Error - Endless loading cycle?


I’m quite new to Ghost, and I seem to have broken my site! I edited the routes.yaml file, and while messing around with filters for my home page, my site seems to be stuck in an endless loading cycle and I can no longer access the site or even the /ghost admin page.

When I try to get to the admin page, I just get an error: “503 No default engine was specified and no extension was provided.”

The actual site is showing: " 503 Site is starting up, please wait a moment then retry."

Here’s the context in short: I just want my home page to show the featured post and one or two latests posts of a specific tag. I thought I could manipulate the filter for the home page using “id<2” to show only the two latest posts, but that seems to put page in the endless loop.

Since I can’t access the admin page any more, I can’t fix my routes.yaml file… Is there any way to access this file without going through the admin page?

Any help is appreciated! Let me know if more info is needed…

I figured it out. After much digging and searching, I learned the existence of the domain-name/ghost/debug page… I was able to access the admin site through this and fix my routes.yaml file.

Thanks anyway!


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