Sorry, Ghost is currently undergoing maintenance, please wait a moment then try again

I just got this error while writing a post.
I use self-hosted ghost.
It had never happened to me before.
What is it due to?

503 is a server-side error.

How do you have Ghost deployed? Do you have an additional reverse proxy or do you just port forward all traffic to your NGINX/Ghost server?

Are you a heavy traffic site? Do other requests to the site return the same error (i.e. visiting a page on your actual blog)?

I know that error 503 is a server side error, the strange thing is that I haven’t changed any configuration in a long time.

I use Ghost with the default installation, I only added cloudflare and another similar service.

The error probably came from one of these services.

By connecting to the front end I was viewing one of the cloudflare error pages

The error lasted a few minutes.