A few questions regarding Ghost + Gatsby + Netlify

Hello everyone.

For reference, my site is viewable at emTr0.dev.

I’ve posted this on the Gatsby Discord but not getting much help there so thank you in advance if you’re able to help.

I know the Gatsby theme layer is separate from theme changes made in Ghost. I’d like to enable the secondary navigation for the Gatsby theme just as it’s available in Ghost. I can’t seem to find information on how to do this anywhere.

And…plugins. How do I know which plugins will work in Gatsby for Netlify/Ghost. For example, a plugin for Gatsby that’s meant to make changes to the theme like add comments or a sidebar. Would that break anything?


Just some general advice, the questions you’re asking are a bit too vague / general and therefore really tricky to write an answer for. That might be why you didn’t get traction in the Gatsby community either.

I suggest focusing on one problem time and giving the full details of the steps you’ve taken, what happened (error messages, screenshots, code snippets) and what didn’t happen that you expected.

That way people can step in and guide you on where you’ve gone wrong.

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Thanks for replying.

My edits are the result of me slowly figuring things out. Other than what I removed so far, I’m not sure I can get more specific than it is right now.

How to enable secondary navigation so Gatsby theme reflects changes made in Ghost design options?

Which plugins are meant/useable for this setup or can I still use plugins for Gatsby and Ghost without any problems? (This one I might not end up needing since I’m considering other options for customization but would still be good to know)

Thank you. :grin: