Should I go Ghost only, or Ghost-Gatsby-Netlify?

I’ve been running WordPress sites for a long time now, and I think it’s time to Move Forward. We are making a React REST Api, and during that process I came across Ghost as a viable option for WP. Question now is should I go Ghost only, meaning Ghost as a CMS and frontend, or Ghost backend and Gatsby(-Netlify) frontend? Sites are fairly small, 10-20 pages, for example:

Any opinions appreciated!

Any which way we decide to go, I will need some custom themes, either for Ghost or for Gatsby, so anyone interested please PM me, Thank You!

The question I would ask myself is what specific benefit would my team and/or clients get from a Gatsby-Netlify front end? Technically it is fun but it does add some complexity as well. I’d just make a list of who gets what benefit out of the additional complexity and let that be the guide.

And welcome to the Ghost Community!

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+1 to @lesliecamacho’s suggestion to assess what specific benefits you’d gain with the additional complexity of Gatsby + Netlify.

We decided to use Ghost as the frontend since it simplified things and allowed us to get up to speed faster. We are currently okay with the limitations.

Hi both, and thank you for the wellcome. I’m a bit out of my comfort zone with node/react/jamstack coming from wp/php, so apologies for my stupid questions.

We need to build a single page react app to build an interface for our online bookings. Now it seems that since we use React and Bootsrap for the UI it could be wise to build the main website with same UI with Gatsby using the same components. Or is there something I’m missing here? Or do we need Gatsby at all?

It’s a little unclear exactly what you want to accomplish. If you’re already going to be building a React app I don’t see why you need Gatsby. If you do want some pages using Gatsby and others using React yes I think it’d be convenient to use the same UI components in both places so they can share CSS and selector specific JS.