A Stricter Hemingway Mode?


Hi, I discovered Hemingway mode today in the post editor and think it’s a fun thing - also pretty distressing given my bad typing :-). One thing I wanted to flag though is that even with Hemingway on, you can still go back and edit text - it’s just the backspace key that is disabled. I can use the mouse to reposition the cursor and then type away, use the delete key and so on. Is there any chance you could tweak this mode a little more so all you can really do is write forwards?


Hemingway mode is designed to introduce a bit of friction to the normal editing experience rather than outright blocking edits.

The feature made it into Ghost because of the simplicity (and speed) of implementation. With the added complexity of blocking the myriad of ways you can bypass it via mouse/trackpad/keyboard/OS shortcuts it’s unlikely it would remain a feature because the maintenance cost would be too high.


Fair enough - just a thought