Scrivener - Hemingway - Ghost

I have been using Scrivener to capture all my writing and, when ready, paste the plain text into Hemingway to “deflower” the language a bit… my next step has always been to paste the plain text into Wordpress and do any final formatting there.

Noting that Ghost handles markdown, does this mean that I can now do all my formatting in Scrivener, export an .md file into Hemingway and then export again an .md file for pasting into Ghost? With just a cursory check before publishing?

After a bit of messing around, I think the process is this:

  • write in Scrivener using markdown
  • export a markdown file
  • import that file into Hemingway
  • make adjustments
  • export markdown file
  • open that file in BBEdit, copy and paste content into Ghost, check and publish
  • also paste content into Scrivener after saving the pre-Hemingway version as a snapshot

End result is that I do ALL my work in Scrivener / Hemingway and therefore have a full record of all changes, draft status, etc. there. Crucially, the formatting saved in Scrivener is a direct reflection of the published Ghost post.