Firefox 64 Issues with Selecting and Deleting


I just signed up for the Ghost (pro) trial.

I’m trying to create a simple test post in Firefox 64 on Linux, but the editor seems quite buggy.

For example, if I select an entire paragraph and hit “Backspace” or “Delete”, the paragraph merely moves up a line. The selection is not deleted. This makes the editor pretty difficult to use.

Works fine in Chrome, but would prefer to use Firefox.

Is Firefox supported or should I look for another editor / platform? Thanks!

EDIT: It appears that functionality is buggy only if I “triple” click to select the entire paragraph in Firefox. If I manually click and drag from the start of the paragraph to the end of the paragraph, the backspace/delete keys function normally. Looks like there may be an issue with how mouse clicks -> “select all” is working?


Thank you for sharing this information :nerd_face:

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