A workaround to adding 2nd site on same account?

This is probably a totally naive and ignorant thing to ask, but I figured I’d at least check :slight_smile: #noobstilllearning

I have one personal site here on Ghost (pro) under my realname dot com, which is necessary for me to have for online presence when searching for jobs. But I also work freelance whenever I can, and I’d like to have a portfolio and presentation of the agency and what I can do for the customer, a call to action etc.

Is there any way to have a page solely dedicated to my agency, but I want to “hide” everything else on the site? If that makes sense :sweat_smile: I don’t want potential customers to be distracted by everything else I write on the website of totally unrelated topics.

Even better if I could just buy a second domain and have that direct to that page without anyone being the wiser that it’s on my personal site.

The obvious solution would of course be to just have 2 accounts here on Ghost, but due to covid I’m jobless and can’t afford an additional $36 a month.

afaik you can only host 1 domain per 1 ghost pro account.
So no.
Completely “hiding” your personal from your portfolio site is not possible.

However, what you could do is create a Site on another Hoster like DigitalOcean, which partners with the Ghost Team.
It offers a 1-Click Installation of Ghost, so you’re set up literally in minutes.
And they offer 100$ Credit (valid for 60 days) when you sign up with a valid credit card/paypal.
Their cheapest VPS (they’re called Droplets on DigitalOcean) costs 5$/month.

In Theory you would only start to pay 5$/month after the 60 days free trial.
You could also host both your blogs (personal and portfolio website) on 1 Droplet.

Feel free to check back here, if you need more info.

Note: i use their services myself for personal and professional use

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I didn’t know you could get it as low as $5 to host Ghost, but then I’ve also previously dismissed DigitalOcean every time it came up because it just seemed too technical for me at this stage. But as I got to reading more about it now because of you, I realised I actually could figure this out!
I’m not ready to move my personal site over there just yet (because of content, newsletter set-up, I’m bound to mess that up if it’s not already taken care of :sweat_smile: ) , but I can definitely start setting up my agency site there right now and just learn as I go along.

Thank you! I really appreciate you replied, I needed someone to just put it as plain and simple as you did :slight_smile:

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If you need more input about DO or setting up your blog/s, feel free to comment.


Welcome, @ghostgal !!! here is another option – a more simple (and only $2.95/mo) alternative to DO:


(That above link is one of my Ghost sites running on Fast Comet Shared Hosting.)


Thanks so much, I’ll remember that once I start setting up the site!

Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely check it out! :+1: First time I’ve heard about it.