Domains and DNS Setup

I’m trying to set up my site along the lines of this tutorial and things have proven difficult. I want to use Ghost as a headless CMS with Gatsby on the frontend and Netlify for deployment.

Where I strayed from the tutorial was that I also decided on hosting Ghost on DigitalOcean instead of having to boot it up locally each time.

Where things are going wrong (I think), is with my DNS/domain setup. I currently have my site ( hosted on DigitalOcean in order to make www.mysite/ghost available. Now it’s time to deploy my production build with Netlify and I want to deploy to the same that DigitalOcean is hosting.

How have others handled this? Do I need two domains if I want to host Ghost with DigitalOcean? Is this the best approach?

Most people put ghost on a different subdomain (e.g. and set it to private mode. Netlify sits on the root and www domain, and content is pulled from content… during the build

Hope this helps!