Toggling multiple websites in Ghost Admin panel?

Hi, I’ve set up my first ghost blog site and all is working well.

I have another site, which I’d like to move over to Ghost. Do I need to create a new Ghost account for a second website? Or am I able to toggle between the websites in the Ghost admin panel with one sign in?

Many thanks, Rajesh

Hey @rajeshtaylor :wave:

Every Ghost installation is independent from other installations, so you can’t “toggle” between sites. Every installation requires you to create an account.

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Thank you @vikaspotluri123 I’ll create another Ghost account, with I assume a different email address if I run the second website with Ghost.

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If you like, or they can share the same email address. Each blog has no knowledge of any other, so there’s no requirement for a unique account. This is true for self-hosted and Ghost(Pro).

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Thanks @StuartMorrisAU, I assumed that signing into the Ghost admin panel with an email address already in use with an account may have caused an login issue. Cheers.