Ability to choose between Creative Commons image and Copyright symbol at bottom of emails

First off, thanks for adding in the ability to send out posts as emails, the functionality and design of it all is utterly fantastic.

I know there’s several things that will be added to the functionality as time goes on, but I thought I’d chip in about one that might not be so obvious. That is, I noticed that at the bottom of emails, between the publication name and the year published, there’s that little © symbol displayed. Thing is, some of us have our posts licensed under Creative Commons statutes (with even a Creative Commons SVG displayed at the bottom of sites/posts), which the © at the bottom of emails conflicts with.

Any chance there might be the possibility in the future to choose between the Copyright © and a Creative Commons CC image for emails?

As a side note, I suppose things could get a tad complex if one has free posts that are licensed under Creative Commons but then also has members-only posts, the latter presumably being copyrighted so as to not encourage forwarding of members-only emails.