Customize copyright notice in newsletter email footer

I’m getting started with self-hosted Ghost (5.82 on Ubuntu 22.04) and in general having a great time; kudos to the team for an exceptional product!

One thing that doesn’t work for me is the default copyright notice created in the newsletter email footer. (I’m using the default Mailgun integration.) I’ve suppressed it by brute force in …current/node_modules/@tryghost/email-service/lib/email-templates/template-old.hbs. (Also template.hbs, but afaict that’s not used in my case.)

A crude fix, and I understand that I’ll have to maintain it over time, but workable for me. I’m really posting just in case anyone can tell me that there’s a better way I’ve missed, or some really fatal problem in trying to do it this way. If not, maybe this will be useful to someone else. (EDIT: see Cathy_Sarisky’s reply below for a less invasive approach if all that’s needed is a change to the displayed name.)

(Fwiw I also made a similarly brutal “fix” to the Casper theme’s post footer, but as I learn my way around better, I think I’m seeing that that part can be done better with a code injection; will try it…)

On the web, code injection all the way ( or theme edits - both are good ).

The copyright line is not customizable in the newsletter settings, so I think your approach is best. If you couldn’t edit the core and just needed to change the name shown, you could change the name of the site. (And then edit the theme if you didn’t want it shown there.)

Thanks! I love the site name idea, though it doesn’t quite fit my particular case…

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