Ability to group editor cards into sections in the editor

Problem: Rearranging content in the editor is a cumbersome process. It supports drag-and-drop, but if you have a section with a heading, image, post, a bulleted list, and a link, for example, each of those sections has to be moved one by one.

Request: Add the ability to group editor cards into sections. Allow each section to be moved by drag-and-drop.

This could also potentially allow functionality such as adding borders or custom background colors to specific sections.

I unvoted for something else to add a vote here. (I need waaay more than my allowed votes, just sayin’.)

I’d love to have a generic container that holds cards. That’d be super awesome.

Meanwhile, a couple workarounds:

  • Although drag and drop doesn’t work with multiple items selected, cut and paste does. (Making snippets also does now - thanks Ghost team for patching that glitch.)

For layout purposes, I use an HTML card to open a div, and another one to close a div. Add a class to that div, and you can style the contents in a variety of ways. Here are a couple examples:

(If your browser doesn’t scroll, it’s the second part of the article)

(sneak preview!)