Ability to send newsletter after publishing

That is a fantastic idea Naz, thanks for the workaround!

To be more specific, prior to 3.0 I’d send out a personal batch email to all my subscribers. Something like “Hello everybody, here’s the latest post, one in which BLAH BLAH BLAH”, and within the message I’d mention the title/link to the post.

With your idea I can write the entire post, then just before I’m about to send it out CUT out the content of the post, write my “Hello” message, publish the post (and have the newsletter sent), then quickly PASTE the content of the post back in over top of the “Hello” message and re-save (no need to republish, if I’m not mistaken). Nice!

That being said, is this idea of sending out a more personal message within the email – rather than the email consisting of the post itself – not really done and/or in demand? I’d previously been thinking that down the line it might be possible that the Email Newsletter box would be expanded to include some kind of override input box in order to accomplish what I speak of. But is this notion of mine so niche that something like this would never be implemented?

Regardless, thanks again for the awesome idea!

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