Is there a way to send a partial email newsletter instead of the full post?

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I have been looking around for a potential solution but haven’t been able to see any, so I would just like to ask to see if I have the ability to send a “Partial Email Newsletter”, rather than a “Full Email Newsletter” of my newly-minted post?

Given especially, my posts are very long, I would want to send a shorter excerpt of it to the reader and if they want to read more, they will be forwarded to the actual website link.

Hope there is a potential solution for this. Thank you!

I am not sure of a technical way to do that, but you could surely draft up a certain length of your post in the newsletter and at the end set up a link that takes the reader to the original post on your website. Maybe keeping the length of your newsletter short and power punched may lure your readers to the website!!!

I too have this same issue and hope there is another workaround as well.

Hi @prajwalbkumar ,

Thank you for taking the time to reply me.

Since you have affirmed the issue, guess there is really no other way around it. I have stumbled upon this thread Email subscribers without publishing a post - #2 by DavidDarnes, but it is a partial and a little complex way to do what you are mentioning as well.

Hopeful there is some simple implementation in the near future as well!

Thanks for sharing man! Cheers!

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@sgrobert If you want to do something like this you have to do it manually, as I do. See this comment of mine for my step by step process:


Hi @Stromfeldt ,

Thanks for the add on the ideas!

At first I got a bit confused at the steps. But eventually, I got the idea you were (1) Setting up the entire post + Email Card, then after sending the email out, (2) Replace original post with full content.

That is quite useful as an idea, though would totally agree that a better workaround should be able to work out on this. However, really appreciate the sharing of your solution as well! :wink:

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