Emailing Posts To Subscribers with shorter emails

When I create a new post, I have the option to send it to my members via email. I can email it straight to my subscribers. The problem is, the emails send the whole story over email, I just want to email “teaser content/excerpt” or shorter content so they click through to read it on my website. HELP!!!

So you can write the teaser content/excerpt and send the email - then once it’s sent, update the post with whatever you would like the full content to be

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This is a working solution, but definitely not the simplest solution. That would mean I would have to send out the first paragraph, then before my subscribers open the email, I would have to finish writing the article… Seems to be a hard solution to maintain.

I mean no, it doesn’t mean that at all… you would just write the whole post as normal - cut the part you don’t want to be in the email, send it, then paste it back in and save.

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