About the Ideas category

Before submitting your feature request or idea, have a read through our product principles and roadmap, here:

How to submit an idea

:one: Search this category first — It’s entirely possible that your idea has already been shared. If it has, vote on that idea and leave a comment there if you have things to add.

:two: Share your use case — Rather than just sharing a feature request, it’s usually very helpful if you share your use case for that feature.

:three: Use a clear title — Make sure the title of your idea is clear and concise. It should be easy to understand without opening the topic.


First, thank you for this! Big fan of Ghost & the work you folks do.

As someone researching potential ways to build a feature roadmap on an open source project, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on how this forum & “ideas” category has been working out for you. I read your post on how “the signal to noise ratio is just too overwhelming”… it makes me hesitant to create a project board on Github or publish all upcoming work as public issues. Have your thoughts changed on this? Does the “real work” still happen in private issues? Has voting in this forum been a successful channel? Any learnings you could share would be much appreciated.