Show post image in editor

Meta: This is supposed to go in Ideas, but I’m not allowed to post in it.

I’m just now starting to use Ghost, and I pretty much expected the image to be visible in large format above the editor. It would certainly tie it in nicely to the reading experience, as you could see right away what the image is.

Hey @joallard, the ideas category is restricted to community members that have already contributed in other topics and threads. It would be great if you could get involved :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I do apologize in advance, but I need to go on a tangent here:

I wouldn’t agree with that policy, but seems like that’s the policy. I do find it sad that suggestions for improvement from new users are only welcome conditionally on participating in the forum. I do understand the spirit, and I love to contribute when I’m acquainted with a community, but I’m neither at that level of involvement, nor able to provide it with the time I have. I would suggest that it is putting the cart before the horse, but I’d be careful sharing that experience here.

Once again, this is nothing directed at you, I am just disappointed in the policies that this is how it works when someone takes time to write thoughtful feedback and suggestions.

(I’ve felt similarly unwelcome when trying to suggest improvements elsewhere on the project, where I was greeted with defensiveness and dismissal when presenting a potential issue. I didn’t help my case either as I did react poorly to the perceived dismissiveness. In the end, I was coming as someone new and excited about the project, who was taking the time to give user insight and help make it better. And now, I’m rather quite on the contrary, thinking this is not the right place at all for me to contribute. It seems very much not a fit.)

I apologize for making such a point out of it, but I did need to get this off my chest and talk about my experience in the project – I was just muted in that other thread. I’m hoping this is received as a suggestion to make the community onboarding experience better, but seeing the previous reactions to my suggestions, I am not making any expectations (and I honestly don’t mean to be snarky here – that’s just my whole point) – I will see myself out.