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Discuss the business of managing a membership site: Email subscriptions, premium tiers, special offers, and customer support.

Using this category

This category is a space for the community to discuss the membership and subscription features in Ghost, including how to get the most out of the features, how to setup a premium publication, or to ask questions.

As a reminder, make sure you browse or search our [help guides](Ghost Help Center, search the forum to check something hasn’t already been posted on the same topic, and read the code of conduct.

This forum is not an official support channel

This forum is for people to share knowledge and help each other. It is moderated by open source contributors and volunteers, and while you may see Ghost staff around, there are not Ghost staff here all the time.

If you are a Ghost(Pro) customer and have a support query, you can contact our team directly by email any time.

Development principles

Developing Ghost as an open source product is a complex process undertaken by a small number of people with a great deal of care. We welcome feature ideas over in the ideas category. Read more about our development principles and product roadmap.

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