Getting the most out of the Ghost Forum

The Ghost forum is a space for the entire Ghost community to share ideas, help each other solve problems, and talk about getting the most out of the software.

The forum hosts categories for everyone who uses Ghost, including developers, publishers, creators and businesses who build tools for the Ghost ecosystem.

Using this forum

First of all: This forum is not an official support channel. It is a place for people to share knowledge and is moderated by open source contributors and volunteers.

While you may see Ghost staff posting, there are not Ghost staff here all the time.

If you are a Ghost(Pro) customer and have a support query, you can contact our team directly by email.

Before you post a new topic

Before you post any new topic in any category on this forum, make sure you:

:one: Browse or search our help guides and developer docs — these are filled with useful information about using Ghost and answer the majority of all common questions.

:two: Search the forum first — it’s very likely your question has already been asked before, and you may even find the answer. If you find a relevant thread, feel free to post in there rather than make a new one.

:three: Read the code of conduct — if you haven’t already, make yourself familiar with our community guidelines.

:four: Make sure you’re posting to the correct category — The time moderators spend recategorising your threads would be time better spent helping the community :) The you can check each one out before posting in a new category for the first time.

Asking good questions :question:

Helping the community to help you better will increase your chances of having questions answered. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you post valuable questions and topics:

:one: Always start with a good title —A good title should summarize your post so people understand the topic without opening it. It should be short, descriptive and emotionless.

:two: Describe the goal, not the problem — Describing a problem can often be vague and leave room for interpretation. Try to describe the goal that you’re trying to achieve instead. Include examples and screenshots where necessary.

:three: Include your working out — If you have already checked the help guides, or tried something that didn’t work, share this in your post. It helps the community and saves time to understand what you’ve already tried to do.

:four: Share information about your Ghost install — If you’re self-hosting, make sure you share information about your setup using the available templates.

:five: Read before posting — Review your post before you share and take some time to make sure it still makes sense, is formatted correctly and that it adheres to the code of conduct.

:six: After you have posted be patient — Itt may take a few hours or a few days to get a response, and sometimes posts don’t get a response. If it’s been a few days with no reply, go back to your post and make sure the topic and description make sense, and consider editing your post.

Development principles

Developing Ghost as an open source product is a complex process undertaken by a small number of people with a great deal of care.

We welcome feature ideas over in the ideas category — but before you head there, make sure you read more about our development principles and product roadmap.

Community guidelines

Finally, here’s a few do’s and don’ts


  • Tag people to thank them for helping you resolve an issue.
  • Update a thread if you have since resolved your issue, and share the solution for others.
  • Be respectful, inclusive and collaborative.
  • Be patient and ask for further information when needed.


  • Tag specific people when asking questions - this comes across as demanding and pushes people away.
  • Send direct messages asking for help - this comes across as demanding too, and prevents others from learning about the same issues.
  • Be rude, demanding or entitled. Everyone in this community is a human and we expect all community members to be civil in their interactions. If you behave rudely, chances are nobody will want to help or talk to you.