About the Share & showcase category

Share your Ghost publications and share what you’re working on with the community.

You can also submit your Ghost publication to the home of the Ghost creator network: Ghost Explore

Using this category

This is a space where you can share your work, ask for feedback, and celebrate your successes. Here’s a few simple guidelines for this category:

:one: Include a link so people can check out your site, or the specific page you’re sharing with the community. If you’re asking for constructive feedback, make sure it’s clear what you’d like to receive feedback about.

:two: Share a little bit about your story — It always helps to include some details about what you’re working on, how you got started, how things are going, and any other information that other publishers can relate to.

:three: Be respectful and review the code of conduct — As always, be kind and constructive. We’re all here to support each other :handshake:

:four: Don’t spam — This isn’t a place to post every single time you share a new article on your site.

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