- A Collection of Blogs Built with Ghost

Hey all :wave:

I just released Ghost Inspire, a collection of blogs built with Ghost.

I’m also planning to add a new section to share some Ghost tips.

I hope you find it inspiring and helpful and I look forward to your feedback.

Thank you


Great job!


  • It would be great to have those with paywall functionality clearly marked
  • It would be great to have a “link to source code” from those that have open-sourced their blog.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for the two great ideas, I will definitely consider them!

Hey thanks for creating such a good directory.

I have a news web site based in Turkey.
You can add my web site your directory.

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Awesome! Thank you!

The bottom of the site says:

Buit by Aspire Themes

instead of Built.

It’d be useful to include a way to submit new sites, other than by email.

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Thank you! Typo is fixed and I will look on a way for site submissions.

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I would like to submit my site:

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I love your site! I’m currently looking for a way for easy submission as a list requires more info like screenshot, theme name,… I will let you know once I’m done.

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Thanks, I’m really glad you like it!

I may not be able to submit the theme, since I’ve built in a lot of the website’s features into it (and they wouldn’t help another site).

I could possibly make a clone without all of that though!

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Great initiative bro. I will ask my theme users to submit their site.

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Thank you!

Awesome idea! I love Ghost so much, that i decided to create a blog just to talk about it.

If you feel like it, please include it as well: GhostPortal

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Thank you! Great to see your blog about Ghost! I will open site submission soon.

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Thank you! Any recommendation is appreciated.