About to start with Ghost Pro - question about free or paid themes

Hi everyone,

After going backwards and forth between Squarespace, Wordpress and Ghost, I’ve finally settled on Ghost Pro but I had a question about free vs paid themes.

I’m currently looking at either Casper (free), Asona ($89) or Spotlight ($89).

I’m kind of torn.

I love the designs of Asona and Spotlight but I’m also conscious that it will put me into the $31/month Ghost pricing tier whereas Casper keeps me at $11.

What are peoples thoughts on free vs paid themes. Worth it to make the jump in monthly price for a good design?

Also, how customisable is Casper i.e. could I try and make it look like one of the others?

With the Starter Plan, you can only use the official themes; you cannot use custom themes, which means a customized version of Casper, too.

However, you may use code injection to transform some aspects of your site.

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