What Ghost theme do you use or recommend for someone who is just starting?

I am new to using Ghost, and I wanted to know which theme is most recommended to use. I’m not sure if it’s worth using a free theme like Casper or Source and adding code to customize it, or starting with a theme that I’ve seen people recommend, such as those from Fueko (Nurui, Basho, etc.) or BrightThemes or ElectronThemes.

Which one do you use? Do premium themes really have features, or are they just for aesthetics and serve as a starting point to save time on the aesthetic customization of the website?

I like and use “Source” on my blog :grinning:

The only criticism I would have about it is that it does not accept automatic Adsense ads between paragraphs ; you have to insert them manually.

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Thank you for responding.
Have you used the source theme and configured the options it comes with, or have you had to input your own code or HBS templates?

I only put google analytics code and code to translate the buttons in “code injection” :slightly_smiling_face:

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