Ad manager using my creatives

I am considering leaving Google Ads and selling ads and ad placements instead. I’m looking for a way to store the creatives (any place, including a cloud service) and then manage the insertion of them into the slots on the site.

Anyone know of such a tool or service that will work with Ghost?

Well, I’ve answered my own question.

After much, much digging (and constant Google suggestions of Google Ad Manager), I came across something called AdPlugg. So far, it looks to meet all my needs, including letting me use my own creatives and place things pretty much where I want.

Hi @BruceInLouisville,

i’m using for more than 2 years now it display our ads on, i’m really happy with it and i have the choice i can store my banners on their server or elsewhere buy providing the url of the banner.
I strongly recommand it.


AdPlugg only displays ads in email newsletters if you’re paying for the Business Plan. Revive Adserver doesn’t have that limitation and costs less.