Ghost ad spaces

I am using Ghost for a couple of my websites and I am quite satisfied with it. However, the advertising aspect can be a bit troublesome because there is no dedicated advertising area or plugin, so I have to manually insert ad codes into the theme’s code. It works fine, but when a theme update is released, I have to deal with those codes again, which can be annoying.

The advertising option is crucial for a website’s revenue, so I think integrating it into the system would be a great addition. Being able to add ad codes from the admin panel and not having to deal with them every time there’s an update would be very convenient.

Dealing with adding ad codes with every Ghost update can be frustrating, so I believe having such an option would greatly improve the platform. I want to thank everyone involved in developing and contributing to Ghost in advance for their efforts.

There is already support for themes to support custom settings, including text fields, that can persist through updates. It seems that a theme author that wanted to add this feature could do so already.

Because ads can come all shapes and sizes and placed in all different locations, I’m not sure it makes sense to try to implement a solution that could somehow work with every theme.