Add basic contact form functionality to Ghost


I think that Ghost already has the basic components in place to bring in a very simple contact form:

  • subscribers (it already collects emails)
  • subscribers list (can save a message in that list)
  • email (it can send notification emails)

Could just create another function additional to subscribe, such as contact, for example, which would function just like subscribe, but would add another data point: the message. Thus, this contact could just be a subscription in which the subscriber also leaves a message and which gets saved in the subscribers list (no email delivered, at least until the anti-spam feature is not in) in the following form:

  • email
  • message
  • subscription date
  • status

A simple anti-spam feature could be added via the Google ReCaptcha API (should not be that complicated and should most probably satisfy the requirements of 80% of the users) and then the message could be delivered via email as well (with a default “Message from your Ghost site” subject line or something similar).

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


I would also love to see that feature added. :slight_smile:


If you already host your Ghost blog with Docker, it’s not hard to add this tool: It enables you to easily add forms to any website.

Disclaimer: I’m the developer, but developed it for exactly that purpose.


In the meantime, for contact forms there are also for example Cognito Forms, Google Forms, Kontactr, etc.