Contact Forms in ghost issue

I have been going through the process of building ghost website and mainly ghost contact forms
though the web app is clean fast responsive beautiful design but lack this basic functionality of being able to create a simple contact form or integrate a contact form with the app. You are under the mercy of paid embedded services from other sites that clutter your website . While i was thinking to switch to ghost from wordpress I started thinking may be this is not a good idea at the moment and for personal blog I dont want to pay the ghost pro untill i know for sure my website generate a traffic or needed more important features but in my view contact forms are basic functionality.
No plugins available or built in integration app to allow you to add forms to your ghost blog.
There are so many limitations on the ghost application

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Hi Allamiro, thanks for your post! There are literally hundreds of integrations for Ghost which you can easily find here:

Including, but not limited to multiple free and paid contact/survey form plugins and services here:

There are very few limitations :wink:


I Love Ghost CMS, Because It’s Very Smart Then Other CMS. But There Are Some Little Limation in Ghost, I Hove Ghost Developers Thinking About The Mater And Will Add Some Features. If Ghost Add Some Features , As Like As

  1. Native Comment
  2. Native Contact Form
  3. Custom Field
  4. Custom Post Type

Ghost CMS will be World’s Number One Popular CMS.


It’s true, in Ghost you don’t have the many options in WordPress. I have two blogs, one WP (professional), one Ghost (my personal/professional), so I constantly work with and around both.

Now, on contact and sign-up forms: I tried a few plug-ins in WP, but I found they were all clumsy, or slow (seconds to upload, external scripts, clashing themes). So much so that I started to write my own HTML forms, and just send the data to the form data collection services.

Eventually, I ditched the services, and just keep the data in Google Sheets. It’s fast, and the data is mine, and it’s free.

I use the same approach in Ghost, for sign-ups and for my contact form — I just write HTML. see my contact form on for example. Feel free to steal the code!


Any link to a tutorial about doing this?


can you elaborate more on what you mean by sending the data from data collection services?

By “send the form to data collection services” I meant to a database with an API. I use Zapier + Google Sheets. You can also just use Google Sheets with a Google Apps Script API, but I find Zapier more flexible because I can connect other steps easily, like mailing people.

@pascal I’ll put together a guide on my code. (also I’ll clean it up… It had some ugly bits in it)


Here, I put a tutorial together in case anyone else is looking @pascalandy:

It forced me to clean up the code (as best I can), too. So, thanks for asking!

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Well thank you too!