Add Option for Staff to Publishing Posts but not Send Emails

Hello! I run a self-hosted ghost site where we are interested in giving writers permission to publish their own articles. However, we only want to send high-quality content to our email subscribers – so we want only staff with “Editor” level or higher to be able to send emails.

This is an issue that is an important problem to solve for us, but I would prefer to not maintain a fork. So I’m wondering if this is something that the community would consider merging upstream if I contributed it? If so, do you have ideas about the best way to do it?

There are two main ways I could see this happening:

  1. Add a new staff level (“Writer”?) below “Author” that only has permission to publish posts but NOT send email

  2. Add a config option to determine if Authors should be able to send emails or not

Is this something people would be interested in? Any guidance on where to get started or preferences on which direction to go? I’m leaning towards #2 as I think it’s the simplest, probably.


In case anyone else also wants this, we have a fork of Ghost with this feature implemented via this PR. We removed the ability to authors to send emails, and then prevented them from being able to see select those buttons in the post publisher:

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