Author can't "Publish & Send" posts


having migrated the web site of our sports club from Wordpress to Ghost, one of the reasons was the easy implementation of great looking newsletters (although the still missing localization is really a mess to hack / deal with).

Unfortunately I’m running into an issue here. A new post on the homepage should be sent to subscribers as newsletter, but our staff in the “Author” rule are missing the “Publish & Send” option - they only can publish the post, but of course this is not sent as newsletter then.

What did I miss here? I searched through the complete admin backend but did not find the “missing checkbox” to give the authors newsletter permission.

It’s not quite convenient that I need to check the homepage daily for new posts, then unpublish and re-publish them with the “Publish & Send” option I have as the admin.

Any ideas are highly appreciated.


Hey Marco :wave:

You’re right - this doesn’t make much sense. We made email sending permissions quite restrictive when we first started developing newsletters for Ghost to try and avoid any email accidents — and then kind of forgot all about it since then!

We’re now revisiting this, thanks to your message, so hope to make some improvements here soon.

In the meantime, the workaround (currently) would be that you need to assign an admin role to anyone who you want to be able to send emails — or (as you already mentioned) — do the unpublish/republish dance


Thanks @John ! :blush:

Admin role or anything above author is not an option here … so I need to do the “dance” until it’s fixed.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @John, thanks for the explanation. I actually joined the Ghost Forum to clarify whether precisely this functionality exists (team member roles with only the Publish permissions, without the Email permissions). It’s good to hear that this is the default behaviour; I think it would be good for Ghost to retain this granularity even after the features are revisited.

For me, the best way to set permissions is a mix-and-match checklist and not a tiered set of roles with fixed permissions that can’t be partially granted or revoked. That way, edge cases like this can be handled case by case independent of what the default settings are.

Context: this is roughly my use case, with the additional requirement of being able to highlight and promote certain posts (differentiating them by post type or tag; sending them out as emails): Blog with open user registration (like in a forum) - #4 by DonaldH