Publish only as default (without sending emails)

Hey everyone,

I’m new around here and I’m trying to figure out one thing - how to change the default behavior when publishing a new post to “publish only” instead of “publish and email”. And I can’t find any information on how to achieve this anywhere on the internet.

I only want to publish a post, without sending it to all the subscribers (since there may be a few posts per day and I don’t want to manually change the setting to post only every time, or become a spammer sending multiple emails a day and pay a small fortune for the Mailgun in the process, also I have a plans for a weekly newsletter, which I want to send out to the subscribers).

Any ideas on how to get this thing done?

I’m willing to play around in the JavaScript source code if that’s what’s necessary to achieve this.

Anyway, I will be happy for any tips and/or ideas.


In Settings > Email Newsletter, scroll down and change the Default newsletter recipients setting to "Usually nobody" then save.


Kevin, Thank You very very much! For Your clear answer as well as the quick response :star_struck:

I was looking through the docs as well as the setting, but obviously I’ve missed this one…