Add query param to RSS router

Since the rss router is available for site and tags I’d like it to accept a simple query to filter it.

My own use case is differentiated digest emails to different mailing lists.


Hey @gnimmelf :wave:

I realise it’s been a while since this was posted, but I wanted to follow up and find out more about your use case?

Ghost has a pretty clever method of creating RSS feeds, for example all authors have an RSS feed if you add rss to the end of the URL. It’s the same for when you create a tag, collection or channel.

An example could be an RSS news feed from my site, which is built from a series of tags that I often use. I could create a channel that uses specific tags to filter my content into a single specific feed:

    controller: channel
    filter: tag:[news,breaking,stocks]

My new RSS feed would then appear at

Hopefully other people find this useful when they land here looking for a similar feature :slight_smile:

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Hi David,

My use case is covered by the example you provide, which I also settled for.

But: It would be much leaner to be able to filter the by url-query on rss router. My use case is MailChimp’s daily digest by rss-feed. Now I need to spread that logic into Ghost’ routes, but ideally all of that belong at the consuming end, e.g. Mail Chimp.


What kind of URL query are you trying to achieve? Are you able to share your actual use case? We do actually have an integration guide on how to use Ghost with Mailchimp’s RSS feed campaign tool, check it out: