Add self signed SSL cert to ghost local development mode


I’m guessing its just using a super simple express instance, but how to do without hacking on ghost tool itself?


Since you don’t want to hack Ghost itself, your best bet is to use a webserver, but since you’re dealing with local development, maybe use something node-based like node-http-proxy? In their example, they create an HTTP server, but you could create an HTTPS server instead


I just setup a quick /etc/hosts localhost redirect through nginx

I did all of this because of this bug

I thought it was a permissions issue with nginx running as a different user than my ghost/node user and my SSL certs. Turns out somebody dun goofed with the last release

When I try to run ghost install <version> it says “directory not empty” like no shit, I’m just trying to install a non broken version into the versions folder and change a symlink. I guess I have to do it manually? Ugh the agony.


Here, you need to run ghost update --rollback :wink:


I already sudo rm -rf && echo "ggnore" on the directory becuase of the bug. I thought I fucked something up on my side so I did a clean install. Issue persisted, so I checked bug reports… I should have checked the bug reports first. fuuuuuuck


But if it’s been a while since you updated, you might not have a recent version… interesting edgecase :thinking:


Refer to nuked ghost install and persisted with clean install. Its fine I can just wget ghost-1.23.0 && tar -zxvf && ln -s current ./versions/1.23.0 just sucks that I have to type you know. What a drag. I was using the latest version, hence the error. Did you even read the bug report bruv?

But yeah FYI 1.24.1 is borked