Ghost on Localhost with SSL/ HTTPS

How do you get local ghost (localhost) working with SSL? doesn’t generate localhost certs, so the ghost cli definitely can’t either, because it just uses acme. I need https so that I can access ghost headless through gatsby. One of the benefits of JAMstack is I don’t need a backend and just a static website hosting. I get that ghost is trying to push GhostPro.

On the config page, there is an SSL section, but it refers to using the CLI, which doesn’t generate SSL certs for localhost successfully. Has anyone manage to generate a SSL certs for local ghost installation?

I’ve been learning and trying ghost for a while now, but I’m abit dissapointed. Documentation is pretty good in other areas, but just lacking in this area.

You can use mkcert To generate self signed SSL certificates :relaxed:

I usually develop locally without SSL - Gatsby should not need SSL either - you should just need to configure the host to point to localhost and the correct port. If you’re using our gatsby-ghost-starter these are set in .ghost.json

I’m interested in why you need to run on https to use Gatsby :thinking:

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