Add structured data for paid content to be indexed in Google search

Ghost is AWESOME with structured data at the article level on free content. Would love to add structured data to paywalled content, per Google’s guidelines, to attract a far wider audience to Ghost publications. It’d be great if we could toggle on-off or opt into having our paid content indexed, since I know not every publication is in favor.

Here’s why:

  1. Google organic search is the top traffic driver to most websites (8x more than any social channel and much more than referral or paid), directly connecting audiences with the in-depth content they’re seeking. It works extremely well for free posts on Ghost.
  2. Indexing all paid content means that our websites/publications will show up on more topics throughout the Google ecosystem, attracting more users to our content when they are searching for it.
  3. Organic search converts to paid subscribers at far higher rates than social media or referrals, even when the content is paywalled to users, so it’s a win-win for publishers who choose ghost because of its stellar SEO and website capabilities.