How to add more Structured Data to posts and pages on top of Ghost's output

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to add more structured data to what Ghost already produces as default.

I know that Ghost, by default, adds Article schema for all posts. But how do we extend the structured data by including more schema properties, on top of what Ghost generates.

@Cathy_Sarisky @denvergeeks do you have any suggestions?

I usually add the html microdata in post injection

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The question I have is “where are you going to store this extra data?” You can change what ends up in the head section using code injection (or even by replacing {{ghost_head}} and recreating the content with handlebars), but you’ll need to figure out where that extra data is going to come from. Can you say more about your use case?

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Hi @block I have started adding more structured data into the post injection section, but it is taking considerable amount of time. Also, as a non-IT person, I don’t know if what I’m doing is right/appropriate or not :frowning:

It takes only a few minutes for me. Because I saved the “blank” structured data to edit later in the snippets (you can create as many as you want). It took some time, because you need to test where to put them and validate them with the schema tool by google. For example: for the FAQ html microdata you need to remember to remove from it the head tag (otherwise you will have two heads in the same page) and add in the body of the article. But other schemas, like the Product, I add it in the header in javascript.

Hi @block, I’m wondering how the structured data that you have added is helping your content rank? Has the performance improved, according to GSC? I saw a very slight increase in overall performance when I initially joined Ghost. But then it plateaued and has been the same since then.

Also, how are you managing the doubling up of schema output? For instance, I use the Google Data Highlighter to add (more) structured data. But then I now have two separate article schemas for each post. Have you found a way to integrate them into one?

Any tips would be greatly helpful. Thanks.

Performance will always improve with SD, because with it people have more ways to find your content.