Add 'Subscribe' to Google Analytics Goal

Hi all!
My blog is hosted on itself, and I use the Dawn theme.
I recently integrated Google Analytics successfully onto my site using the tutorials here, but I am unable to set the goal of adding new subscribers to it.

Google analytics lists example of goals as below:
Examples of goals include:

  • “Thank you for registering” pages
  • flight itinerary confirmations
  • “Download completed” page

Ghost’s subscribe button doesn’t lead to any such page. There is a ‘Subscribe’ button at the bottom of the page, and clicking on it leads to a little pop within the page asking for the user’s information.

How can I go about adding this goal? Thank you!

You can set up welcome pages in Ghost, which is where new subscribers will land after they click the confirmation email.

You can use this URL in your Google Analytics goals and it will then track how many people land on this page :slight_smile: