Receive notification of new subscribers

Is it possible to receive an email when I get a new subscriber?

At the moment, this isn’t possible within Ghost. But it is something that’s easy to set up with Zapier.

For more on integrating Ghost with Zapier, see our doc: Official Ghost + Zapier Integration

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However I do not wish to pay for Zapier for a thing that I was hoping should be standard.

If someone subscribes, I want to know in real time, so that I can welcome them etc. It is a missed opportunity if I don’t know who and when a new subscriber is joining my list. It will be another thing on my todo list to manually go and check in everyday. If our list is the most important thing, surely it is equally as important to know who is joining said list in REAL time. I am disappointed by this lack of thinking.

Blessings to you.

I hear you! For this integration, from Ghost to email, I believe it’s possible using Zapier’s free plan.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a way to acknowledge new subscribers, we’ve found custom welcome pages an effective strategy for member onboarding.

This allows you to create a custom page that new members will be directed to on first sign up!

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Thankyou SM

Blessings to you.