Add toggle to turn off members feature

I can’t believe this was just turned on by default and can’t be turned off…

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How does it make even any logical sense? What about all the integrations with newsletter providers? What are they for if you are forced to use the membership feature?


I agree it should be optional to turn on or off completely. Also to edit look and feel of the portal when it is turned on.


I would really appreciate it, if you could update us on your thoughts on this feature, so that we know if it’s worth the wait or if we need to move on :thinking:


Maybe I’m naive, but I remain cautiously optimistic. Based on the volume of feedback, and how regularly this still gets asked on the forums and elsewhere, it’s a common problem and a reasonable request.


Who forces anyone to use the membership feature?

You can deactivate the portal button and use a theme that does not refer to “login” and “subscribe”. The underlying Portal is still “active” but is not easily accessible. It’s even less of a problem if you don’t enter a Mailgun API key in the settings!

That being said, I agree that it would be easier if it would possible to properly deactivate memberships, but I don’t see how anybody is forcing anyone to use it.

Well, to be fair, the user would have to opt-in using a theme that does not have this feature which in return might compromise the overall design of the site and what not. The only other option is to manually create a custom version of the theme you want to use and then maintain that theme yourself.

I use the membership feature / function, so for me it’s all good. That said, I fully understand the, in my opinion, fully reasonable request for a “on / off” toggle.